CanineKids® Classes

Puppy Ck Pup1
Puppy Socialisation
Our puppy classes are designed for puppies aged 8 to 18 weeks. They are a combination of socialisation, training, solving puppy problems and preventing behaviour problems in the future...
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Adult Dog Ck Dog1
Beginners classes are designed for puppy's who are over 18 weeks old, adolescent or adult dogs. Whether you are just a late starter or you've just got a rescue dog this is the course for you...
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Advanced Ck2 Intermediate
Ck2 classes are designed for puppies and dogs that have completed Ck Pup1 and Ck Dog1. The Ck2 Course is specifically designed for gaining impulse control and increasing responsiveness...
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Rally Ck Rally
Rally Obedience is all about having fun and interacting with your dog while training. If you enjoy training your dog and want to take them past the basics or are wondering what a good next step would be, Rally is ideal...
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Agility Ck Fun Agility
Fantastic Fun Dog Sport. Teach your dog to complete a course of jumps, tunnels, weaves, contacts and much more while increasing focus and attention outdoors. Held in Canine kids private paddock in Farnham.
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Tricks Ck Fun Tricks
Info coming soon...
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