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Adolescent Angels
Impulse Control / Distance Control / Adolescent Issues / Mental Stimulation

About Ck2 Intermediate Classes
Intermediate classes are designed for puppies and dogs that have completed CkPup1 and CkDog1. Ck2 focuses on gaining impulse control and introducing more communication skills during the difficult time of adolescence. From 18-20 weeks your puppy starts to enter adolescense when their hormones start to develop. The more training you do prior to and during this time the better. Like humans adolescence or 'the teenage years' can be quite challenging so we give you the tools and knowledge you need to keep responsiveness good and avoid problems developing or escalating.

The course includes developing, stays, distance sits and downs, instant sits and downs, leaving moving objects, advancing recall strategies, and more.

The more you teach your puppy at the start, the more they will understand how to behave and respond in the future. The only way to achieve good communication between you and your dog is to train them how to behave in certain scenarios. Other wise they will simply repeat what they find rewarding as they don't know any different!

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Maintain control & responsiveness
Gain Instant control at a distance
Teach your puppy/dog Impulse Control
Maximum results in just 4 weeks
Kind, Fair and Effective Training Methods
Fast Results using Clicker Training
Short 4 week course with maximum results
Fun, friendly, family atmosphere, no stress!
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