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One-to-One Training
One-to-one home visits can be really useful. It may be that getting to class every week is just too difficult to fit in to your schedule so it is easier to training your dog at home. You may have a specific problem that needs intensive training such as recall or jumping up, or it may be that you need some early advise and want to start training your puppy prior to class.

Puppy Pre-school Visits
These are great for the early stages when your puppy is settling in to its new environment. We can cover any issues or concerns you have, puppy biting, house training, chasing the cat, stealing, crate training are all common problems. We can also get you started with some basic training.

Duration: 1hr to 1hr 1/2 training
Cost: £55.00 plus travelling when enrolled on a class.

One-to-one for common training problems
When you have a specific problem with your dog it is best to train them in the context and environment that the problem lies. If you are experiencing problems on a walk with recall the session will take place at your local walking place. Jumping at visitors can be carried out at the front door where your dog gets excited and has learnt the behaviour etc.

Duration:1hr to 1hr 1/2 training.
Cost: £65.00 plus travelling.

One to one for general training
You can teach your puppy/dog on a one to one basis. We can create a training plan bespoke to your training needs some of the training will be carried out at home and some will be out doors.

Duration:1hr to 1hr 1/2 training.
Cost: £65.00 plus travelling.

We do offer discounted package deals for block booking a course of one to ones please contact us for further details.
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