CanineKids® Professional Behaviour Counselling

Behaviour Counselling

Many dogs experience behaviour problems throughout their lives, whether it is separation anxiety, resource guarding, or aggression towards people or other dogs. We offer a professional behaviour modification service on vet referral, that asses's the psychological and emotional 'cause' of the problem not just treat the behavioural symptom, which is often seen in old fashioned methods of training or used by unqualified trainers and behaviourists. This unfortunately can exacerbate the existing problem and can cause other problems to develop.

Our procedure is to firstly get a referral letter from your veterinary surgeon. We then may ask you for video footage of the behaviour if we feel it necessary, this is particularly needed with separation issues. We can then set an appointment to carry out your behavioural assessment. A modification programme will be put in place and you will be given hands on coaching and support with your re-training. You will be coached in the environment that the problem lies for example with aggression cases we accompany you into the real world to show you how to manage and rectify the problem. We give you as much support as you need.

It is important to be aware that with any behaviour problem there are no quick fixes, contrary to popular belief from television programmes. Remember that these are on television and not real life and often don't show you owners working with their dogs themselves. Behaviour modification takes time, dedication and consistency after all you are dealing with a psychological problem.

Cost Initial Behaviour Consultation plus one follow up visit approximately 10 days later
£225 (Apprx 2hrs depending on the issue)

Follow Up Visit
£65 plus travelling.

Some insurance companies do cover behaviour counselling so it is worth investigating first.

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