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Agility is the Ultimate Dog Sport! It has the capacity to give you and your dog innumerable moments of fun and excitement.

Caninekids Fun Agility Classes are held on Sunday Mornings and Tuesday Evenings at:
Canine kids Private Field, Potts Farm, Runwick Lane, Farnham GU10 5EG

About Caninekids Fun Agility Classes
What is Agility?
Agility is a dog sport in which the handler directs their dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy. The course consists of tunnels, jumps, weave poles etc, laid out in a design with numbers indicating the order in which the dog must complete the course. Once a good level of training is achieved dogs run off lead with no food or toys until the end and the handler must control their dog by voice, movement and body signals.
Agiltiy Training at Canine kids is fun and interactive for you and your dog. We work you through all levels of training and although our classes are intended as Fun Agility you will learn at a standard that you can continue to competiton level if you chose to do so.

Pre-Agility Course (6mths to 1year -NO IMPACT LEVEL)
Agility can start once you have a good level of basic control of your puppy/dog, completion of at least Pup1 or Dog1 is required before enrolling, although completion of CK2 would be preferrable. If you haven't trained with us before completion of an equivelant basic training course elsewhere would be required. The pre- agility course is designed to give you and your puppy/dog a good safe foundation for working outdoors on different pieces of equipment. Before you are introduced to the larger pieces of equipment your puppy needs to be confident with balance, walking on to lower objects, waits, picking feet up, focusing forward. As an owner you need to know and practice warming up your dog and massaging them before they work, postioning and timing of reward whether food or toy and you need a good understanding of developing the behaviours you require. The course includes, warm ups, toy play, massage, wobble boards, targeting, circle work, reversing, poles, focus forward, plank work, perch work.

Level 1 Beginners Course (1 year onwards)
Now you have completed your foundation work on the pre-agility course you and your dog will have a good level of flatwork and control, and be at the right age to introduce contact equipment such as the A Frame, Dog Walk amd Seasaw. We also introduce more height to the jumps, introduce tunnels, weaves and the tyre. The course will also encompass direction changes and transitions from one peice of equipment to another.

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