Puppy Training Classes In Farnham Where Your Furry Friend Gets Their Diploma

A revolution is underway in Surrey and Hampshire. It's not the kind that involves barricades or catchy slogans, but rather, wagging tails and puppy eyes. Canine Kids, a name synonymous with puppy prowess, leads this adorable uprising, one paw at a time.

Canine Kids is based in Farnham, Surrey and has been on the go since 2002. In that time, we've made a name for ourselves with our approach to puppy training, which is less drill sergeant and more fairy godparent. Imagine a place where your furry bundle of chaos is transformed into a paragon of canine virtue, all without losing an ounce of their puppy charm. This is puppy training with a wink and a smile, where the trainers wield treats and toys instead of stern looks.

The classes are run by the fully qualified and experienced instructor Karen Lockey-Kennedy and her team of APDT instructors. They offer professional dog training and behaviour services, and they're a blend of Hogwarts and a canine version of the Olympics, set against the beautiful backdrop of Surrey and Hampshire. Here, puppies don't just learn the basics of sit, stay, and heel; they embark on an epic journey of discovery. They learn the art of being sociable with fellow pups, mastering the delicate balance between playful frolic and polite sniffing.

Canine Kids understands that every puppy is a unique individual with quirks and idiosyncrasies. That's why our classes are more personalised than a tailor-made suit, ensuring that each pup gets the attention it deserves. Whether your dog dreams of being the next agility champion or simply aspires to be the best couch potato, Canine Kids is here to help.

And let's not forget the owners, who, let's face it, sometimes need more training than their pets. Canine Kids ensures you're equipped with the knowledge to understand your puppy's needs, turning bewildered humans into proficient puppy whisperers.

In the end, graduates from Canine Kids don't just leave with better manners; they stride out with a newfound confidence, ready to take on the world or at least the local park. So, if you're in Surrey or Hampshire and your pup is more Marauder than Model Citizen, Canine Kids is where rebellious pups transform into canine kids, one wag at a time. Contact us today for more details.

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