Troubleshoot Common Issues With Our Puppy Training Classes In Hampshire

From toilet training and chewing to biting and nipping, there's various common issues that arise when training a puppy.

Brimming with energy, they're full of curiosity and enthusiasm for the world. House breaking is generally acknowledged as one of the most tricky parts of dog training. Accidents are extremely common during the early parts of this process.

Puppies tend to explore new environments (and people!) with their mouthing and play biting. Like small children, they also have a short attention span, being easily distracted. It's important to consider all these factors during training. Generally, it's best to keep training sessions short.

Another well-known problem is separation anxiety, which can lead to destructive behaviour like chewing or excess barking.

A key part of puppy training is the socialisation process, which involves introducing puppies to new people, animals, and environments gradually, using positive reinforcement.

Canine Kids can help your puppy in Hampshire develop into a well-adjusted adult.

Our training classes attract dog owners from a wide range of locations, including Surrey and parts of Hampshire. We cover basic commands like sit, stay, come, and leash walking, which require patience and consistency.

Our classes in Hampshire are a wonderful place to meet other owners, and get your furry friend used to other dogs.

Find out more about our puppy training classes in Hampshire. Or contact us for more information.

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