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Puppy training classes are a great way for pet owners in Farnham to help their new furry friends develop good behaviour and social skills. Our fun and educational classes are designed to provide a structured environment for puppies to learn basic obedience commands and interact with other dogs in a controlled setting.

Puppy training classes are specifically designed to teach puppies basic obedience commands and assist them in developing social skills. These sessions are usually delivered in a group environment by expert trainers who specialise in dog behaviour. Puppies will learn fundamental commands such as sit, stay, come, and down, as well as how to interact with other dogs in a supervised setting, in these classes.

Puppy training classes are essential for a variety of reasons. For starters, they teach puppies fundamental obedience cues that will help them behave responsibly in a variety of scenarios. Second, these lessons allow puppies to socialise with other dogs, which is essential for their development. Puppy socialisation teaches puppies how to converse with other dogs, read body language and gain confidence and security.

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