Enjoyable But Effective Puppy Training Classes In Hampshire

Does your new puppy have a problem with nipping? Or do you struggle to keep them from straining on their lead?

With our puppy training classes in Hampshire, we can soon teach your furry friend the rules, while ensuring they enjoy themselves at the same time!

Training a dog is as much about teaching the owner as the pet.

Anyone who's watched 'It's Me or the Dog' will recognise that, all too often, members of a household give a dog mixed messages. Consistent, positive reinforcement is key if you wish your dog to be well-behaved; otherwise, they won't understand what you want them to do.

Such TV programmes also make it clear that older dominance training is not only cruel, but not effective. Trainer Victoria Stillwell always emphasised that positive reinforcement is key to teaching your dog new tricks.

Why attend training sessions with our instructors in Hampshire?

Many people don't attend training classes and continue to struggle with the issues their dog experienced in puppyhood, only they have a much bigger pet on their hands.

Appearing at venues throughout Hampshire and Surrey, Canine Kids has highly qualified trainers who will work with you to achieve your goals.

Find out more about our puppy training classes in Hampshire or contact us for more details.

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