Wondering When To Start Puppy Training Classes In Hampshire?

If you've recently welcomed a puppy to your household, you might be pondering when is best to start training. The answer is as soon as possible!

Training can be started at any age but the earlier the better. Most people start once their furry friend has settled into their home. Socialisation is most commonly started at around 7-8 weeks of age. As long as your puppy has had their vaccinations and is healthy, it's time to start socialising and training.

Canine Kids offer training classes for puppies and older dogs in Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey. We regularly help owners with puppies aged 18 weeks and under.

With our kind and effective training, your dog will easily learn the rules. We have a fun and friendly atmosphere which makes it a great way to meet other dog owners. With our clicker training, you will enjoy speedy results, with it often taking just 4 weeks to see a big difference in behaviour.

Our team in Hampshire can help you spot any unwanted behaviours early on. No matter if you're having issues with biting, jumping up or pulling on the lead, we can solve all sorts of problems. Our aim is to ensure you enjoy the best relationship with your dog.

If you're looking to start puppy training classes in Hampshire, discover more reasons to choose Canine Kids. Or please drop us a line for more details.

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