Why Is It Important To Get Training For Your Dog In Farnham?

Training a dog isn't just about helping them be well-behaved. It also helps to build confidence and strengthens your bond with your pet.

Better yet, it gives a dog mental stimulation, ensuring that your furry friend is always learning and developing. Just like human beings, a bored and neglected dog is likely to end up unhappy and frustrated. This can lead to all kinds of issues that make them unpleasant to live with. Unfortunately, the phrase 'the devil makes work for idle hands' also applies to canines!

All too many pet owners don't give their dog the requisite attention, then pay the price later on. This is sometimes particularly true with first-time owners that don’t know what to expect and think some troublesome behaviour is normal.

Come along to our training classes in Farnham and you're guaranteed a warm welcome.

With our dog training in Farnham, Surrey, your dog will learn how to perform basic commands and avoid troublesome habits, like chewing, pulling on the lead, attacking strangers or other dogs, and biting.

With classes available for dogs at all stages and ages, Canine Kids can prove that old dogs can indeed learn new tricks when needed. The best place to start with a puppy is our socialisation classes that help get them used to other dogs.

Find out more about our training classes in Surrey or contact us for more information.

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