Why Choose Our One To One Puppy Training In Surrey?

Healthy puppies grow quickly after birth, so it's important to start training as soon as possible.

Dogs are classed as adults once they're about a year old, so puppyhood isn't considered to last long! Our puppy classes are designed for puppies which are 18 weeks and under. A puppy usually finishes growing between 6 to 24 months. Puppy maturation is a process which varies according to many factors, including breed.

Canine Kids deliver both classes and one-to-one training throughout Surrey.

Our one-to-one training is ideal if you want help in your own home. It can help with all sorts of common training problems such as jumping at visitors, biting and pulling on the lead. This option can be more expensive than classes, but it's ideal if your dog has a lot of behavioural problems.

Alternatively, you might want to attend our puppy socialisation classes in various locations in Surrey. With our kind and effective methods, your little-one will enjoy the learning process. We'll help you spot any early issues and ensure they're dealt with as soon as possible.

We can produce amazing results in the space of only 4 weeks, with our clicker training famed for its effectiveness.

Discover more reasons to choose our one to one training in Surrey. Or contact us for more details today.

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