Where Can I Find Puppy Socialisation Specialists Near Me?

Puppy socialisation is a vital process, and it mustn't be overlooked. There's a short window when it can be carried out, which makes it even more important.

That's because socialisation training helps your fur baby develop critical social skills that they need throughout their lives.

During the socialisation period, which typically occurs between three and 14 weeks of age, puppies learn to feel comfortable and secure around not only people, but other animals. They also get used to being in various environments.

Our training experts help them to communicate effectively, learning to read and respond to body language vocal cues.

Puppy socialisation classes, like our training in Surrey, reduces the risk of behavioural issues.

Puppies that are not properly socialised are at a higher risk of developing behavioural issues. That includes problems related to aggression, anxiety, and fear. This can lead to problems later in life, including difficulties with training and socialising.

A well-socialised puppy is more likely to be confident, well-adjusted, and happy. The right training can therefore improve their overall quality of life, making them a joy to be around.

Build trust with your four-legged friend.

Socialising your puppy helps them to learn to trust people and other animals, which can make them more comfortable in a variety of situations.

If you're looking for experts in this area in Surrey, Canine Kids would love to welcome you this spring.

We’ll ensure your puppy is more receptive to learning and less likely to be distracted or frightened by new experiences.

Find out more about our puppy socialisation specialists in Surrey or get in touch today.

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