Where Can I Book Fun Puppy Training Classes Near Me?

Puppies grow rapidly during their first year of life. In fact, they can double their birth weight within the first week and reach their full size within a year, although this depends on the breed.

Why are puppy training classes so important?

Getting training during this time is crucial: puppies have a critical socialisation window between 3 and 16 weeks of age. During this time, they are highly receptive to new experiences, people, and other animals. Having them properly socialised during this period is crucial for their future well-being and behaviour,

Ideal for learners in Surrey, Canine Kids helps both experienced and new dog owners train their puppy.

Our puppy training classes cover all the basics along with tackling any behavioural problems you may have.

We always look to make the learning process as fun as possible. After all, puppies engage in play as a way to learn important social and physical skills. Playtime helps them develop coordination, stops them from biting without inhibitions, and communicates better with other dogs and humans.

Once you've completed our initial training in Surrey, you might want to consider one of our other workshops or 1-1 sessions. During the latter, we can come to your home to deliver training.

If you're wondering where to find puppy training classes in Surrey, simply contact us for more information.

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