The Best Fleet One To One Dog Classes

Is your new canine friend is struggling to follow basic commands? Perhaps they can't tell the difference between sit and stay? Maybe you want the bond between you both to improve? No matter your requirements, if you're based in Fleet and want to invest in one to one dog classes, we are here to help.

By knowing how your dog behaves and knowing why they behave in a certain way, you'll be able to develop a healthier and stronger relationship with your dog. Whether your dog is struggling to behave in their environment, having toilet troubles or finding it hard to integrate with other dogs, our one-to one classes will be able to target each issue.

Here at Canine Kids, we offer a wide range of dog training classes to suit your needs. Ranging from Ck fun agility training to Ck2 intermediate, our classes are vast and flexible.

For fun and educational classes, get in touch today! Check out our website for more information, or call us on 01276 23770. We look forward to working with you and your four-legged friend!

New!!! Residential Training. Call 01276 23770