Take Advantage Of Our Hampshire One To One Dog Classes

Invest in our Hampshire One To One Dog Classes

Is your dog struggling to follow basic commands? Do they show signs of aggression or intimidation? Perhaps they aren't bonding well with other dogs or certain people? If you want to get the best out of your dog, we're here to help.

Whatever your training needs may be, we offer a range of courses in Hampshire.

Our dog training will allow you to address any behaviour problems your dog may be exhibiting, issues that might be making life difficult for you. With a happy, well-trained dog at your side, you'll be able to get the most out of having a pet.

If you're looking for basic training, we're able to offer dog classes or one-to-one sessions where we come to your home and help you with any problems you're facing.

Get started now!

On our website we have lots of information about the range of classes that we offer in Hampshire, as well as our company itself, so why not take a look around and find out more?

Ring us on 01276 23770 or drop us an email at karen@caninekids.co.uk.

We are here to make a difference to the lives of yourself and your pup, so why not reach out today?

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New!!! Residential Training. Call 01276 23770