Surrey One To One Dog Training Class

Get the training you need in Surrey with our one to one dog classes

Removing the distraction of other people and dogs, you can get the attention you and your dog need with our one to one dog training classes in Surrey. Whether you're looking to tackle general training problems or want to tackle a certain behavioural issue, we offer a flexible training service to suit you and your dog.

If your dog needs help with some general training, we can create a training plan so your canine can get used to the routine and begin learning new tricks and commands to better work alongside you.

We can also then consult you before you begin any other classes, for if you are worried about one dog interacting with others.

We work hard to keep our prices competitive and affordable, and we're always happy to talk about discounts for those who can commit to block bookings.

So, if you'd like to learn more about how our one to one session could benefit your dog, take a look around our website today. If you think a group class would be better for you, we also have plenty of information for you to make your decision.

To speak to us about booking some lessons, call us today on 01276 23770.

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