Surrey One To One Dog Classes

Looking to give your dog one to one training? One to one training is useful if you are experiencing specific behavioural problems with your dog. These classes are ideal for dogs with behavioural problems or basic training problems as it allows a dog to get the extra attention and support he or she needs to learn, improve and develop.

With one to one training you can get to the heart of a problem directly, resolving it more quickly. It might be that your dog needs some basic training one to one? Some dogs might find a class environment too stressful, so for those dogs, one to one classes might be a more appropriate environment in which to address a dog's individual training or problems.

One to one dog classes are available through Canine Kids. Working throughout Surrey and Hampshire, our skilled team of dog training professionals can work with you and your dog/puppy to ensure your pet gets the training it needs. We offer puppy pre-school visits where we can cover any issues or concerns you may have, one to one for common training problems, and one to one general training classes. We can provide training that's tailored to the specific needs of your dog.

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