Surrey 1-2-1 Dog Classes

Let us help you build your bond with our Surrey one to one dog classes

When we get a dog, it can be a fun addition to the family, but it can also be a challenging one for everyone to adapt to. Whilst some dogs are naturally relaxed and docile, other dogs may be exhibiting some behaviours that can be hard to manage. If you're looking to get the best out of your dog and spend some quality time with an experienced trainer, we are the people for the job.

At Canine Kids we offer years of experience in dog training and have worked with various breeds and behavioural issues. By having our one to one classes, we can take our time to get to know you, your pup and whatever issues you'd like us to tackle without the disruption of anyone else.

In addition to our one to one classes, we also offer group classes and advanced training classes for those dogs who thrive at agility.

To speak to us about booking in with any of our classes, get in touch via our website or call us on 01276 23770 where we'll be happy to get the ball rolling.

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