Supportive Puppy Socialisation Specialists Available In Farnham

It's always exciting those first few months welcoming a puppy into your home. From introducing them to your household and taking them for their first walks, you're welcoming a whole new member into your family.

However, it can also be stressful since a dog is a huge responsibility. That's especially true if you've never had a puppy before. Although a high number of dogs were acquired during the Covid pandemic, many were also returned when owners found they couldn't cope.

Yet there's no doubt we love our dogs: a recent report found that millennials, in particular, spend more on their pet's well being than their own!

The right training is the key to ensuring your relationship with your dog is successful.

Get the support you need socialising your puppy in Farnham.

Finding the right training class will ensure you have support during those first few months, when issues like chewing, toilet training and biting are common. It will also lay the groundwork for further training.

Our puppy socialisation classes will ensure your furry friend grows up to be confident in all kinds of situations. A well-socialised dog is much more likely to be happy, along with well-behaved.

Farnham, Camberley and Godalming are some of the locations we cover in Surrey. Our lead trainer Karen is always happy to provide more details on our classes.

Find out more about our puppy socialisation specialists in Surrey. Or drop us a line for more details.

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