Start Your Dog Training With Expert Instructors In Hampshire

From chewed up shoes to visitors frightened by growling, living with a poorly trained dog is highly stressful.

Obedience classes are helpful for even the most 'easy to train' breeds, because they get your dog used to being around other animals and people. Many pet owners skip them altogether and end up dealing with all kinds of problems down the line.

When a dog hasn't been properly socialised, they can end up fearful in unfamiliar situations, even if they're otherwise well-behaved. Meanwhile, dogs with attachment issues can end up misbehaving when you're away.

Before introducing a dog to your household, it's vital to research the breed in detail, along with considering whether or not you have the time for training. Some dogs don't do well living somewhere where there aren't people all the time.

Your dog training classes in Hampshire don't need to be a chore: they can be extremely fun.

At Canine Kids, we use reward-based methods which your pooch will love. All our team are dog-lovers and want to help your furry friend become a member of your family. We can tackle any simple or more complex issues you're struggling with.

Canine Kids has skilled instructors in Surrey and Hampshire who can help you train your dog to the finest standards.

Find out more about our dog instructors in Surrey and Hampshire. Or don't hesitate to contact our team for more information.

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