Reward-Based Puppy Training Classes In Venues In Surrey

Is your puppy at the beginning of their training journey?

The famous Peanuts cartoon once described happiness as 'a warm puppy'. There's no doubt dogs bring so much joy to our lives. Studies have corroborated that dogs improve our mental health in a variety of ways, from reducing stress, anxiety and depression to easing loneliness. They also encourage us to get more exercise and improve our overall health.

Welcoming a furry friend to your household is incredibly exciting, but it comes with many challenges.

From teaching basic commands to potty training, it can be especially overwhelming for new owners. Having a dog is sometimes compared to having a child; it comes with a great deal of responsibility! You want all your household to send consistent messages to your dog, so it's vital to all be on the samepage.

In order to forge a strong relationship with your dog, the right training is key.

Canine Kids love helping dog owners build fantastic relationships with their pets. We help train dogs of all shapes and sizes from across Surrey. Our instructors always use kind, scientifically based methods which are proven to be effective.

If you're looking for training classes for your puppy in Surrey, we have sessions in various locations, including Camberley. We can help you spot early behaviour problems and all participants receive a course booklet and clicker.

Find out more about our puppy training classes in Surrey or drop us a line for more details.

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