Reward-Based Puppy Socialisation Classes In Farnham

Recently welcomed a puppy into your life and based near Farnham?

Puppies are often boisterous and like toddlers, brimming with energy and enthusiasm! Although you can teach dogs at any age, as you might imagine, this is the best time to teach them the rules. Just like with humans, their minds are most pliable in the early stages.

Why train with Canine Kids in Surrey?

Our socialisation classes will not only get your puppies used to other dogs. They'll also learn not to commit bad behaviour like biting, jumping up and stealing. Your puppy will learn how to react to the world in a healthy way, without expressing fear or aggression.

Let your puppy learn in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

We only ever use kind methods to teach dogs: that means clicker training, never any forcing, shouting, or the use of choke chains. Not only are those techniques cruel, they're rarely very effective. Instead, they will simply make your dog nervous and fearful.

Farnham is one of the many venues we cover across Surrey, with all our classes kept as small as possible. We have a maximum of 7 puppies for every class. This means our leaders will easily spot any early behavioural problems.

Find out more about our puppy training classes in Farnham, Surrey. Or please contact us for more information.

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