Ready To Start Training Your Dog In Farnham, Surrey?

Wondering when the best time to start training a puppy is?

The answer is as soon as possible! Here at Canine Kids we welcome dogs from 18 weeks upwards to our puppy socialisation classes. As with toddlers, it helps that a puppy learns good behaviour early on.

Experts at Pedigree report there being various developmental stages for puppies, with the socialisation stage starting at around 3-12 weeks. It's at 3 weeks that a puppy starts to show responses to loud noises, and will try standing and walking.

The juvenile period is the best time to start training classes in Surrey.

12 weeks is when the juvenile stage begins, which is the best time to start a training programme. Since puppies tend to have short attention spans, it's important to choose training in Farnham that's fun and entertaining.

Puppies mature very quickly and the smaller the breed, the speedier they reach maturity. When a dog is an adolescent they can exhibit various behaviour that can be difficult to handle, including aggressiveness, plenty of energy, poor socialisation, disobedience and wandering away. During this time it's therefore crucial to have the right training.

Canine Kids deliver training classes in Surrey that tackle all these types of problems.

If you're interested in our dog training classes in Farnham, simply contact our team today.

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