Puppy Training Classes With Experience In Hampshire

Speak to us about our puppy training classes in Hampshire

Since lockdown began last year, more people than ever before have been seeking the comfort and companionship of a puppy, but what's important to remember is they can be hard work. If you put the effort in to train them and bring them up with the right commands, you can raise an obedient, loving and manageable dog, which you and your family will love for many years.

At Canine Kids we offer our puppy training classes across Hampshire and welcome you to join us. In our training classes, you'll be with other likeminded people who may be experiencing similar training issues.

What's more, you'll also be in the good hands of our team who all offer years of experience in dog training. You can get to grips with the very basic commands such as sit, lay down, heel and roll over, and we can also speak to you about any other issues such as toilet troubles or behavioural issues.

To speak to us about arranging a spot in our puppy training classes in Hampshire, give us a call today on 01276 23770 to get the ball rolling!

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