Puppy Training Classes in Hampshire

A new puppy makes for a happy time, but give it a few weeks and your angelic new puppy might well be driving you mad with its unruly behaviour. Not such a happy time?

Socialisation of a puppy is vital during the first 18 weeks of its life as this is a crucial stage in its development. The earlier your puppy starts training, the better. Not only will your puppy learn the commands which will allow you to control your puppy in the house and when out on walks, but it will be exposed to other puppies its own age, which is a positive experience for your young canine companion.

Puppy training classes also help to stamp out unwanted behaviour, such as biting and stealing. It's especially important to have a puppy that's professionally trained if your puppy is sharing a house with young children.

At Canine Kids we offer a variety of options to those who'd like their puppies to attend puppy training classes. Options include a smaller class in a relaxed and stimulating environment for a maximum of seven puppies to ensure individual attention is given to each puppy, or a short and intensive course from which you will see positive results in only four weeks.

The more you invest in your puppy in its formative years and the more training it receives in this time, the better.

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