Puppy Training Classes in Hampshire

There's no 'right age' to start puppy training. The answer to the 'right age' question is 'immediately'. The sooner your puppy is exposed to training classes, the better, and not just for your puppy but for you too.

Canine Kids offers a variety of different puppy training classes. If you'd rather your puppy experienced one-on-one visits, then we can help there too. It might be your weekly schedules don't allow time for you to drop your puppy off at a training class, or it might be you'd simply prefer your puppy to be trained within the environment in which they’re going to live? Whatever your reasons for wanting one-to-one puppy training classes, they can benefit both you and your puppy.

Some puppies may even find a class environment too exciting or too stressful which can remove the focus on learning. Some puppies simply require a more relaxed environment in which to learn, and the one-to-one training classes will provide that. If one particular aspect of training needs to be addressed, then the one-on-one session will be able to make that issue a focus of training.

Put simply, puppy training makes for a happy, contented and obedient puppy. A happy puppy is a happy owner.

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