Puppy Training Classes in Farnham

There are all sorts of puppy training and socialisation classes available to puppies now. Puppy training is ideal during the most critical development in a puppy's life and can start straight away - between the ages of 8 and 20 weeks is when most of a young dog's training will feature and it is ideal to continue for the first year if possible.

Puppy training classes generally cover toilet training, basic obedience, behaviour shaping and how to socialise a puppy and integrate it into its environment. These classes should help to produce a happy, obedient and well-balanced puppy, at one with his or her surroundings and, crucially, your home.

At Canine Kids we offer puppy training classes in Farnham, Camberley, Godalming, Fleet, Eversley, Surrey and Hampshire. We offer a Puppy Socialisation class which focuses on controlled off-lead puppy interaction, basic key areas of training as well as problem solving and prevention to root out any early signs of unwanted behaviour. With us, your puppy will learn to understand all the fundamentals of 'sit down', 'recall' 'heel', 'stay', 'drop', 'leave it' and the like.

Canine Kids' puppy training classes are designed specifically for puppies aged 18 weeks and under, during the period when socialisation is all-important. We utilise modern and effective methods of training, appealing to the intelligence of your puppy and helping it to live a happy and healthy life in your company.

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