Puppy Socialisation Specialists In Hampshire

Puppies are not born knowing how to behave, they need to be trained or 'socialised'. Puppy socialisation classes will usually combine training, socialisation, solving puppy problems and preventing behavioural problems in the future. A puppy will also learn how to respond to and obey all the basic commands while preventing unwanted behaviour such as jumping up or biting. If you need the help of puppy socialisation specialists then Canine Kids can help.

The first year of a puppy's life is important. It's during this time when a puppy should begin puppy socialisation training to help he or she feel comfortable in different environments. Puppies that receive puppy socialisation training and who are well-socialised grow up to be friendly and happy animals. In contrast, puppies that haven't received training from puppy socialisation specialists can grow up to bite, to be unpredictable, to be frightened easily and unable to gel with other animals and humans.

For help with puppy socialisation look to Canine Kids. We offer classes in Hampshire and further afield.

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