Puppy Socialisation Experts In Hampshire

Help is at hand if you require puppy socialisation services from a leading company. Canine Kids is first-class service run by Karen Lockey-Kennedy, a fully-qualified and vastly-experienced dog trainer and behaviourist. Karen is a member of The Association of Pet Dog Trainers and uses modern, gentle methods that can give you the results that you require. Karen never uses strict, heavy-handed methods, believing that pets should be treated with courtesy, respect and as a pivotal part of your family. There are many useful resources at the website that can help you find out more about puppy socialisation, so why not take a look around today?

Transforming Behaviour for the Better

Canine Kids operate training centres in Camberly, Farnham and Goldalming and can offer one-to-one training sessions throughout Surrey and in parts of Hampshire and Berkshire, although they can travel further if needed. You can get in touch with Canine Kids at any point if you have any queries about the services that they offer. More and more people are seeing their beloved pets act in a co-operative, calm manner after enlisting the expert services of Canine Kids. To learn more, simply head to the home page.

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