Professional Puppy Training Classes In Godalming

Trust in our puppy training classes in Godalming

Do you think that your dog needs one-on-one training? Is getting your dog to class each week becoming too much of a challenge with your busy life? Perhaps you have a particular behavioural problem with your puppy which needs intensive training? For one to one puppy training in Godalming, look to Canine Kids today.

By investing in one-on-one training means that we can concentrate solely on your canine buddy. No matter what they're struggling with, they deserve attention and patience to help combat their issues. Whether they're struggling to behave appropriately when going for walkies, or are struggling with toilet troubles, our methods will get the best out of your dog. No matter if you're based in Godalming or the surrounding areas, we are the perfect fit for you.

At Canine Kids we're passionate about using dog friendly methods when training your pup. We have a fantastic team of true dog lovers who love nothing more than improving the bond between pup and owner, and we always make sure our sessions are fun and informative.

Speak to the team today about booking a session near you.

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