Practical Puppy Training Classes In Fleet

Pave way for a positive future with our puppy training classes in Fleet

Do you have a puppy that you'd like to train sooner rather than later? Perhaps you're worried about some behavioural issues and you're not sure how to address them? Or maybe you want to learn some basic commands with the help of an expert trainer?

How are we different from other trainers?

At Canine Kids we only ever use positive reinforcement when working with any dog, as we don't believe in using any harsh methods. With us, we aim to create calm, fun and practical learning environment where they can learn and flourish- all the while giving you the tips needed to continue learning outside the class.

Whether you're looking to book one one-to-one classes, advance course or anything else on our website, we are ready to hear from you.

On our website we have plenty of information about our range of dog classes and about the company itself, so take a look around and find out more.

If you would like to move forward with our dog training classes in Fleet, we'd like to hear from you Call us on 01276 23770 or drop us an email at

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