One To One Dog Classes Surrey

Sometimes our four-legged friends need a push in the right direction. At Canine Kids, we have a number of special treatments and techniques to get your dog thinking right and feeling comfortable.

One of the many treatments we have here at canine Kids is One to One Dog Classes, in which one of our trained professionals will visit your dog in your home, a comfortable location for you, this helps us to quickly get to terms with the dog and be able to quickly identify any issues that may need special treatment. We can also then consult you before you begin any other classes, for if you are worried about one dog interacting with others.

We offer a number of One to One dog classes, if your dog needs help with some general training, we can create a general training plan so your canine can get used to the routine and begin learning new tricks and commands to better work alongside you.

Alternatively, a One to One class can be a 'puppy pre-school visit', helping your puppy get acclimated to a new environment, as a result, reducing stress for both the little canine and you. When a dog is stressed it can wear down a person and the house and is not good at all for the dog's health.

Whether you're seeking more information about One to One dog classes in Surrey, or you want to know more about the treatments and services we offer, get in contact via filling out the form on our website, otherwise, give us a ring on: 01276 23770

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