Looking For Puppy Training Classes In Hampshire?

Puppy training is the best way to get the most out of your young canine companion. Through training, you can teach your puppy how to behave, how to respond appropriately to an instruction, how to interact with people and other animals, and how to thrive in its new environment. Every puppy or dog owner has a responsibility to make sure their dog receives adequate training. Are you looking for puppy training classes?

Whether you're looking for one to one classes, advanced training for a dog who's already been through the early stages of training, beginner's training, or socialisation classes, the team at Canine Kids can provide the puppy training classes you're looking for. Our puppy training centres offer professional dog training and behaviour services run by a team of fully-qualified instructors.

Understanding your young dog is important, as is building a strong bond between dog and owner, and training will make sure this happens. Through training, you can expect to have a healthy, happy, and well-adjusted pet.

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