Kick Off Your Dog Training In Farnham, Surrey

As the most popular pet in the world, dogs play a big part in our lives. They’re a true member of our family and we want the bond with them to be as strong as possible.

We have a centuries old bond with our canine friends, to the point where their eyes have even evolved to become more appealing to us! Research has found that the ‘puppy dog eyes’ result from the muscles around their eyes developing, enabling them to convey more endearing expressions and help them get on better with humans.

Canine Kids delivers training classes to dog owners across Surrey and Hampshire.

We are run by an expert that is highly qualified and has a passion for dog training. Karen is a fully qualified dog trainer and behaviourist and is also chief instructor for the company.

After completing her honours degree in Animal Behaviour and Biomedical Science, Karen went on to complete an advanced diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training through COAPE.

Vet recommended training that uses kind and rewarding methods.

Our classes in Surrey include puppy socialisation classes in Farnham and Camberley. Ideal for anyone with a busy schedule, our short, intensive courses are ideal if you want results in the quickest time possible.

Find out more about our professional dog training in Surrey or contact us for more information.

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