Join Our Puppy Training Classes In Fleet This Summer

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is they need the right training, ideally during their early years if possible.

One of the biggest advantages of having a puppy is you have more control over their early experiences, especially in comparison to an older rescue dog. However, it's important to remember dogs of all ages can learn new tricks.

Like toddlers, puppies have tons of energy and it's important they're stimulated during training.

Available in many different locations, Canine Kids regularly works with dog owners in Fleet, Hampshire, to deliver the training you need.

Our puppy socialisation classes are perfect for getting your dog used to other pets. We're the ideal choice if you're seeking kind, fair and effective training in Fleet. We can help you gain control and responsiveness from your dog, with fast results from methods like clicker training.

Canine Kids is proud to deliver fast results in a family-friendly environment. Whatever problems you're currently facing with your puppy, we work with you to solve them as effectively as possible.

We also have Ck2 Intermediate classes which are designed for puppies and dogs that have completed Ck Pup1 and Ck Dog1.

Find out more about our puppy training in Fleet or throw us a line for more information.

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