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Dogs are highly trainable animals, although some breeds are easier to train than others.

Reward-based training with plenty of positive reinforcement is the most effective way to teach your pooch new tricks. This means using treats, praise and playtime to encourage them to learn. Numerous studies have shown that punishment-based training, like scolding or the use of choke leads, can actually lead to negative behaviors and psychological distress in dogs.

Another important part of training is providing plenty of consistency.

Dogs need to know what is expected of them and shouldn't receive mixed messages from different people in your household. For instance, if one person allows the dog to jump up while another discourages the behavior, the dog may become confused.

Canine Kids have dog training in Surrey for those at all levels, including beginners.

We use positive, reward-based methods to teach your pet everything they need to thrive.

It's important to remember that training takes time. However, with the support of our dedicated team, your furry friend is more likely to learn rapidly. You also need to remember the fact that it should be ongoing. Just like with human beings, learning is a lifelong process.

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