Have You Tried Hampshire One To One Dog Classes Yet?

Let us help with our Hampshire one to one dog classes

Is your dog struggling to cope with basic commands? Do they find it hard bonding with your family members or other dogs? Perhaps you've got a puppy and you'd like to invest some time into training?

Our friendly, gentle training can make the world of difference.

At Canine Kids we offer our one to one training to those in and around Hampshire, and we can gladly come to your home. We appreciate that you may be busy and find it hard to make class, or that you may feel more comfortable in your own home.

Our team are more than willing to work around your schedule so that you and your dog can benefit from our training. Instead of using harsh methods, you'll see that we use a positive, proactive approach to training that reinforces good behaviour.

We also provide a range of advanced training opportunities for your dog such as Ck fun agility training to Ck2 intermediate. As professional dog trainers we know how to work with different breeds of dogs with a variety of behavioural problems.

To speak to us about arranging a meeting or training session, call now on 01276 23770.

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