Hampshire one to one Dog Classes

Do you want one to one training classes for your canine companion?

One to one training is intended for dogs with specific training problems or behavioural issues, and classes will be tailored to address the individual needs of your dog.

One to one dog classes will look at you and your dog specifically, focusing on their needs only and helping your dog to overcome any behavioural difficulties or training problems your dog may be having.

Communal classes may not suit some dogs and one to one training may prove more beneficial to some dogs than others. Some dogs may only really respond to one on one classes, especially if your dog has developed a particularly bad habit or problem that needs resolving quickly. With one to one training you may see results more quickly.

Canine Kids offers a variety of one to one classes in Hampshire and Surrey for you to choose from, including puppy pre-school visits, one to one training for common problems and one to one general training. One to one training can provide the more intensive style of training that your dog can respond to.

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