Hampshire One To One Dog Classes

Obedience is an important part of dog ownership. As a dog owner, you'll want your dog to respond to your instructions. This is what one to one dog classes can achieve: managing a dog's behavioural problems and developing their obedience skills.

One to one dog classes and training are available through Canine Kids. If your schedule is too busy to give you time to get to class every week then one to one classes for common training problems and general training can be organised at your convenience, and in your own home.

Dog training is essential. Not only will it teach your dog all the skills he or she needs to thrive in a domestic environment, but you'll have a happy, obedient and healthy dog that's a pleasure to own.

For dog training and one to one dog classes in Hampshire and Surrey look to Canine Kids. With plenty of expertise and experience, we can help you achieve the results you want, allowing you to enjoy the time you spend with your dog.

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