Hampshire Dog Training Classes

'Educating' your dog is a constant cycle. As with humans, they're always learning new things. This is what part of dog training is, educating a dog so that it has good manners, is obedient, is friendly with adults, children and other dogs, and is responsive to instruction and commands.

Dogs should receive training in a warm, friendly, inclusive and relaxed environment if they are to thrive. Harsher training methods have little positive effect and are not dog-friendly. Here at Canine Kids we adore our canine friends, operating classes which endorse the use of happy, encouraging and reward-based training techniques.

Hampshire dog training classes are available through Canine Kids. Whether you're looking for classes to train up your puppy or more advanced training classes, your dog can get to grips with all the commands and learn to socialise through our friendly dog training classes. If you want to stretch your dog further then you can enrol him/her in some fun agility sports or fun tricks. This will help your dog master the more advanced commands and enjoy him or herself in the process.

If you're looking for dog training classes, Canine Kids can train your dog and help give you and your dog a better life together.

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