Give Your Puppy Lifelong Skills With Training Classes In Surrey

Bright eyed, wet-nosed and brimming with energy, nothing in the world is cuter than a puppy. However, this is the age when they're at their most naughty and demanding! It's also the time when training is most effective and crucial.

Bring them to our training classes in Surrey and they'll learn all the skills needed to thrive, at home and outdoors.

We can help prevent bad habits like chewing and pulling on the lead, while teaching them basic skills like sitting on command.

Canine Kids have dog training centres across Surrey, all run by qualified instructors. Not only do we run puppy classes, we also have training available for older dogs. After all, it's simply not true that 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'. A dog (and its owner!) can learn to change its behaviour at any age.

Our instructors in Surrey have an in-depth knowledge of dog behaviour.

We never, ever deliver dominance training, which has long been discredited by experts. Instead we use techniques like clicker training and reward-based methods. Along with our puppy socialisation classes, we deliver workshops, one-to-one training, advanced classes and much more.

Once your puppy is older, you might want to try our intermediate training. These classes are designed for dogs that have completed Ck Pup1 and Ck Dog1.

If you're looking to sign up to puppy training in Surrey, drop us a line for more information.

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