Give Your Puppy A Great Start With Socialisation Specialists In Farnham

A number of factors affect how easy or difficult a dog is to train. One of those is their age: puppies are more adaptable and able to learn new commands quickly.

However, it's important to remember that older dogs can be trained. It might just take slightly more time and patience. Nonetheless, if you do have a chance to train your dog when they're a puppy, it's important to do it. Our socialisation classes in Farnham are one of the best ways to start.

Another thing that can make an impact is the breed. Different dog breeds have been selectively bred for specific traits, including intelligence and trainability. Some breeds are known for being more receptive to training, while others may be more independent or stubborn.

A dog's natural temperament can also make a difference. Sessions at our puppy socialisation classes in Farnham can always be tailored to reflect each individual dog.

A dog's temperament, including its level of confidence, sociability, and eagerness to please, can affect how well it responds to training. Dogs with a calm and cooperative temperament may be easier to train.

Just like people, each dog has its own personality. Some dogs are naturally more curious and willing to learn, while others may be more laid-back or independent. However, all can be trained with the right support.

Why join our puppy socialisation classes in Surrey?

Being socialised from an early age can make all the difference. Dogs that have been well-socialised from a young age tend to be more adaptable to new situations and people. Socialisation helps in creating a well-behaved and trainable adult dog.

We use positive reinforcement techniques, such as rewarding desired behaviours with treats or praise, which are more effective than punishment-based methods. Positive reinforcement creates a positive association with training and strengthens the bond between the dog and the owner.

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