Get Support from Specialists in Puppy Socialisation in Fleet

Dogs are amazing animals. Did you know, their sense of smell is forty times stronger than ours? Their noses are so good that many can famously sniff out medical problems.

Dogs were the first species to be domesticated by hunter-gatherers, with their domestication occurring a whooping 15,000 years ago. That’s so long ago, it was before the development of agriculture. Incredibly all dogs have descended from wolves, which is often hard to believe when you look at a pug or a chihuahua!

Why join our dog training classes in Fleet, Hampshire?

The right training for your puppy will ensure they live the fullest life possible. Puppy socialisation is particularly important for preventing your little-one growing up to be fearful around unfamiliar situations.

Modern, scientific-based training with no force involved.

We offer puppy socialisation classes in many locations including throughout Surrey and Hampshire. Led by experienced instructors, we use kind and effective methods, including clicker training which is great for fast results.

We also offer many other classes and ​workshops, including those for urban or rural dogs. With intensive group training, it’s much easier to target problems like pulling on the lead and jumping up in busy areas.

Find out more about ​our puppy socialisation classes in Fleet. Or don’t hesitate to ​contact us for more information.

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