Get Advanced Dog Training in Fleet

Adolescence can be a difficult time in anyone's life, and it's no different for our canine companions. Fortunately, Canine Kids are now bringing our expansive range of advanced dog training courses to the Fleet area.

Following on from the CkPup1 and CkDog1 beginner classes, our advanced dog training courses build upon the behavioural foundations your puppy has already learnt, and can be crucial to maintaining their development throughout the adolescent stage.

Our team of APDT qualified instructors will help develop your puppy's impulse and distance control, tackle issues relating to adolescence, and provide all-important tips for the mental stimulation of your puppy. Whilst the course itself sees a progression away from rudimentary training and towards more advanced tasks, our CK instructors will help to make sure that classes remain fun-filled and stress-free for students and owners alike.

It cannot be overstated how crucial this stage of your puppy's development can be. Our advanced training courses will help to curb your canine's bad habits, and ensure good communication and responsiveness between you and your pet for years to come.

With the Canine Kids advanced dog training course, you can help your puppy to become a pro when it comes to stay, distance sits and downs, instant sits and downs, leaving moving objects, advancing recall strategies and so much more.

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