Fun And Effective Puppy Training Classes In Guildford

Welcoming a puppy to your household is often a joyous time. Someone once said, 'Happiness is a warm puppy' and many of us agree wholeheartedly with that statement!

However, without the right training it can morph into a more stressful experience. From chewing shoes to biting and pulling on the lead, puppies need to learn early that these behaviours aren't acceptable. All dogs need the right training in order to understand the rules in your home and when out and about.

Canine Kids offers puppy training in several locations in Surrey including Farnham and Guildford.

Our highly qualified team loves helping owners train their pets effectively. Offering both professional dog training and behaviour services, our classes are run by fully qualified and experienced instructor Karen Lockey-Kennedy and her team of APDT instructors.

Our training classes in Guildford are not only fun but a wonderful way to meet other dog owners. Your dog will be learning in a friendly and supportive environment, with sessions led by experienced professionals. We only use the kindest methods which are supported by scientific research. With a relaxed and calm set-up, your dog won't ever be placed under unnecessary stress.

If you're looking for puppy training classes in Guildford, Surrey, simply contact our team for more information.

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