Friendly Training Classes For Dog Owners Across Farnham

Are you welcoming a puppy into your life this spring?

Getting proper training in Surrey will help your dog behave well both at home and when you're out and about.

As you've probably observed, it's highly embarrassing when you have a dog that chases other people's pets, or jumps up at passing people. It can also be dangerous if your dog acts aggressively due to feelings of fear.

Why is socialising your puppy important?

Socialisation is a particularly crucial component of dog training that helps your puppy become more comfortable around people and other animals. It also helps to prevent aggressive behaviour and anxiety, helping dogs feel more at ease when they' new environments.

Bring your dog to our training in Farnham and strengthen your bond with your pet.

Canine Kids love helping owners form strong lifelong relationships with their dogs, whether you have a puppy or an older rescue dog.

Positive reinforcement training methods are particularly great for enhancing the relationship and help the dog develop trust and confidence in their owner. We only ever use these types of methods, never deploying outdated and cruel techniques like choker chains.

All our instructors are highly qualified and keep training groups small so you'll enjoy plenty of one-on-one attention.

Discover more reasons to pick our dog training classes in Farnham or contact us for more information.

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