Fleet Based One To One Dog Classes

Trust in our Fleet based one to one dog classes to bring out a new side to your dog

Being man's best friend, it's no wonder why so many of us chose to have the company of a dog. Loyal, loving and downright adorable, dogs give us unconditional love and attention and can quickly become a family member.

Whether you've rehomed a dog or have a puppy on your hands, it's safe to say that sometimes, they can exhibit challenging behaviours. While some dogs are happy socialising with other dogs in the park, others can find them intimidating and hit out. You may also find that they're showing bad habits such as toilet troubles or chewing furniture.

Whatever your concerns may be, if you want to get the very best out of your dog, our classes are perfect for you

Using friendly methods and lots of patience, we believe that we can get the best out of your dog during our classes. By choosing our one to one sessions, we can focus all our attention on the needs of your dog so that you can tackle any issues you're facing.

To book in for a dog training session, get in touch with us via our website today!

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