Find Our Puppy Socialisation Specialists Camberley

Get the right help with our puppy socialisation specialists in Camberley

Are you looking to get your puppy trained ASAP? Maybe they're not fitting in with other dogs or your family?

At Canine Kids we offer our puppy socialisation specialists across Camberley and welcome you to find out more. In our training classes, you'll be with other likeminded people who may be experiencing similar training issues.

As well as offering years of experience in dog training, we work hard to provide a first-class customer service when working with you and your dog. Alongside our competitive prices and a gentle approach; we offer a friendly, affordable and educational service that helps improve the bond between you and your dog.

When training with us, we have experience working with a range of dogs and issues, so nothing is too much trouble for us. We are dedicated to constantly improving the level of service we offer and take great pride in our work.

Whatever issues you're facing, you can rely on our classes to give them the attention and education they deserve.

To go ahead and book a class with us, get in touch and drop us an email at or call our team on 01276 23770.

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