Find Helpful Dog Training In Surrey

All Dogs are worth the love, but not all dogs are born with perfect behaviour. At Canine Kids, we want to help out those pets with behavioural issues or in need of extra care and dog training within Surrey and the surrounding area.

We'll work with your Canine friend through a number of behavioural classes, teaching you techniques along the way to learn how to best deal with your four-legged friend. We won't treat the symptom, we'll find the cause of the difficult behaviour and work out what needs to be changed to get your canine back in a good mood again. By the end of our counselling sessions, you will have had hands on coaching with how to deal with those difficult moments. You will learn the best way to deal with your dog, and ultimately, your relationship with your four-legged friend will end up stronger than ever.

Some animals find it difficult properly integrating with a new space or family, or in particular, other animals. Instead of allowing your household to succumb to stress and mentally harming both yourself and your pets, we at Canine Kids offer various training methods and coaching to push your pet in the right direction, we even offer one to one visits, in which our specially trained team members will visit you in your home to work on how the dog behaves with you and your loved ones.

It may seem to be a difficult task, but it's the one where we're with you all the way to the end. Our specialists will help you and your canine be comfortable. For more information on how to get started find us on our website or give us a call on: 01276 23770

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